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The International Centre of Education and Tourism "Karol" has been established since 2004 and is one of the leading educational centers in Poland. The International Centre of Education and Tourism was founded and promoted by Jolanta Nowak, who is highly educated and experienced teacher.

Initially, the centre was known as the Oskar Kammer Schule, a German Training Centre and later it was named as the Karol centre. The Karol Centre was named after Jolanta Nowak's husband  Karol Nowak, who tragically passed away  in 2003, and has contributed a great success and influence to the success of the Centre.


Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Karol Centre is to bring "European Education-the way to better future and invest in people" by providing the quality education in different fields and opening more opportunities to the people or students in the World. We want to invest in people.



The vision is to develop all the fields we are operating in - trainings, transnational projects, language services for the foreign tourists coming to the region, cooperation with the worldwide partners, sharing the experiences to get new market outside Europe to start new activities including trade, to work as an agent for people looking job opportunities in European market. Make the business enjoyable for our team and make new life opportunities for our clients.



About the Founder:


Jolanta Nowak pursued her Master Degree in Pedagogical Education. She has done her studies in Poland as well as in overseas. After her studies, she started teaching English in Public Schools for many years. Apart from her teaching profession, she also has a good experienced in Management of Local Government and the management in USA during her visit in America in 1990s. She has got her high quality experience working with European partners in different projects in UK, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Latvia - in educational, business, and marketing fields.




She was  responsible for foreign affairs and International contacts in Starachowice city, Poland since 1993, and has been carried out many International projects successfully.

In 1993 - She participated  in "Managing and Creating The Local Government  Administration" in a few States of USA.

In 1995 - She has been awarded the diploma of Personal Management  from the University of Milwaukee, USA.

In 1998 - Jolanta Nowak initiated and created formal city partnership between Starachowice - Rochdale in UK, and Starachowice - Biella in Italy, which have resulted many opportunities for citizens to meet and work together as well as promoted Starachowice city in European market. European Council in Strassbourg awarded it with Diploma of Europe.


She is the initiator and coordinator of many international and local projects for many groups of people including:


  • Students
  • Local and government authorities
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen from many World Wide Countries e.g. Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Latvia, India, USA.

The Karol Centre also cooperates with many other educational centers in Europe like:


  • Salford University
  • Hopwood Hall Collage in Great Britain
  • Oskar-Kamer Schule in Germany
  • British Council in Warsaw
  • Enterprise Center of Manchester City
  • Consuleza in Italy
  • Schools in Sweden


Thanks to the cooperation with The Trade Section of British Embassy, she could sent  the representatives of 20 local companies to Great Britain, which took place in the year 2003 and 2005.

In 2004 - She supported the group of 100 local unemployed nurses by training English and preparing to work with the British employers at the Kingsley Care Home in UK. Many of these nurses still stay there with their families and got English qualifications as well as  become the part of English community.



We operate as a Tourism Centre as well, offering the followings:

  • Holiday in the well known places all over the world in cooperation with the other tourism centres.
  • We provide tickets for customers travelling abroad.
  • We have organized various projects with different groups of people, in cooperation with many centres from different countries like Italy, Sweden, Germany, UK, and has done successfully.

Business Consultancy: We also operate as a business linked center making contacts with various companies locally and globally.


The Karol Centre is one of the leading International centre with a group of creative, young people, who are well experienced, trained and work commonly for the success of the company,  clients and its  partners.








People to People

Jolanta Nowak

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